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Our Goals
A private, non-profit organization, over 95 % of all donations goes directly to injured heroes programs. Funds are used to support existing national programs for medical and rehabilitation expenses, counseling and job re-training. In addition, Courage and Sacrifice supports specialized, targeted programs to address individual needs of local wounded veterans such as handicap access home renovation, and family care programs. Courage and Sacrifice strives to make a tangible difference in the quality of life for our wounded heroes and demonstrate our deep gratitude for the sacrifice they and their families have made for us.


Pat Robbie President
Jeff Elie Vice President
Pietro Barberi Vice President
Rich Meigh Secretary


Roger Post

Board Members

Scott Brunner
Dennis Meehan
Gary Bennett
Mike Lee
Ron Martere
Fred Buscaglia
Chris Perruna
John Vivino



You have made an amazing investment in Veterans. This weekend has helped me grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Thank for the opportunity.
Jon W, R&R on LBI Participant
C&S puts together an event that’s as fun as it is charitable.
Christian Caterina
The people at courage and sacrifice try to work directly with soldiers in need to better their lives.
Matt Dorting
Courage and Sacrifice is a group, truly dedicated to raising money for a good cause.
Nick Casale
It’s nice to see the people at Courage and Sacrifice give back to the veteran community
Heather Crescibene
I am proud to say that I was able to watch courage and sacrifice grow from an idea in someone’s head to an organization helping the community.
Sergeant Italo Patino
C&S is working to make a direct impact on the lives of veterans in our area.
Tom Barone
Courage and Sacrifice is a new organization lead by a team of dedicated and accomplished professionals working to better the lives of veterans.
Maria Sposato
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